KRB Infantry Company - Infantry Ranks

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KRB Infantry Company - Infantry Ranks

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 17, 2016 3:31 pm

The Tag's For The Line Infantry Are:

Banner: Last Page, Top Row, White Lion With A Red Background.

Colonel (Col) [KRB]_Col_Name

Lieutenant Colonel (LtCol) [KRB]_LtCol_Name

Major (Maj) [KRB]_Maj_Name

Captain (Cpt) [KRB]_Cpt_Name

Lieutenant (Lt) [KRB]_Lt_Name

Ensign (Ens) [KRB]_Ens_Name

Regimental Serjeant Major (RSM) [KRB]_RSM_Name

Serjeant Major (SjtMaj) [KRB]_SjtMaj_Name

Colour Serjeant (CSjt) [KRB]_CSjt_Name

Serjeant (Sjt) [KRB]_Sjt_Name

Corporal (Cpl) [KRB]_Cpl_Name

Lance Corporal (LCpl) [KRB]_LCpl_Name

Regular (Rgl) [KRB]_Rgl_Name

Private First Class (Pfc) [KRB]_Pfc_Name

Private (Pte) [KRB]_Pte_Name

Recruit (Rec) [KRB]_Rec_Name


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