KRB Infantry Company - Rules

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KRB Infantry Company - Rules

Post by Admin on Fri Apr 29, 2016 2:48 pm

1.)  Do Not Troll In The Regiment,  Respect People In The Regiment And The One's That Are A Higher Rank Than You.

2.)  Do Not Be Racist Or Use Foul Language Toward's Member's Of The Regiment, Or To Anyone In The Teamspeak, If So This Will Result In Getting Kicked Out The Regiment Or Deranked.

3.) When You Are Admin For A Server Which The Regiment Will Use Please Do Not Mess Around With The Setting's For The Server, And Please Do Not Abuse People That Are On The Server.

4.) When You Are Server Admin For Teamspeak,  Do Not Troll About With The Admin Power's Respect The Teamspeak, And Don't Mess Up The Server Group's Or Ban Random People From The Teamspeak.


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