KRB Infantry Company - Information

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KRB Infantry Company - Information

Post by Admin on Fri Apr 29, 2016 2:52 pm

Event Information
If You Are Wondering When Event's Are, Look In The "Event Schedule" Channel.

If You Can't Attend Training Or An Event Please Contact Your Commanding Officer's, If You Wish To You Can Message A Officer On Steam Or Poke Us On Teamspeak Saying That You Can't Come And Why, If It's Personal And You Don't Want To Say Why But You Can't Attend That's Fine.

Recruitment Information
If You Are New To This Regiment Please Poke Or Speak To A Member Of The Regiment, Or Contact A Member Of Staff Or Either An NCO.

If You Have Any Question's That You Would Like To Know About This Regiment Please Contact Anyone On Teamspeak That Are In The KRB.

Promotion Information
In This Regiment There Will Be A Promotion Day, The Promotion Day Will Take Place Mostly Every Saturday. You Can Get Promoted For Recruiting And Attending Event's.


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